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Roaches in TV: How to Get Roaches Out of Electronics

Roaches in TV
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    You sit down to watch your favorite show when an unpleasant surprise makes you jump off the sofa. Is that a cockroach crawling out of your TV? How did it even get in there?

    While we may love our electronics, we are not the only ones. German cockroaches may think that certain electronics are the perfect place to call their home. German roaches are typically only half an inch in length and are lighter colored. Televisions, electrical sockets, and other wired appliances can be very attractive to these unwanted guests that want a nice, warm shelter from predators and other threats. 

    While it may be disgusting to see, don’t worry! Cockroach infestations are treatable. Roaches may be notoriously difficult to kill, but certain methods are proven to eradicate infestations.

    Why Do Roaches Like Electronics?

    Roaches like electronics because they provide a warm, safe shelter. Electronics have lots of little crevices that they can hide in, and the electricity running through the circuits makes the cockroaches nice and warm while they hide.

    Roaches love heat and humidity. You may even see them reproduce faster than they will in other areas of the house due to the warmth and shelter that a TV set provides. Roaches often find their way into the following electronics:

    How to Get Roaches Out of a TV & Other Electronics

    Before you start treating your television for roaches, you should carefully investigate the rest of your home, including your basement and attic. Odds are, the cockroaches will not just be in your television. If you kill the roaches in your TV, they may just be replaced by other roaches from under your fridge or elsewhere.

    Look For Signs of Roaches in Electronics

    In your television, you may see roach dropping or other indicators. Roach droppings look like black pepper or fine coffee grounds. Usually, they can be seen around wire ports or the power outlet of your device.

    If roaches do end up inside your television, it can be very difficult to extract them without damaging the electronics. If you can fit the infested piece of equipment into the freezer, you may be able to kill the whole colony in one swoop. 

    You should check your TV or other electronic’s manufacturer’s manual to make sure that the TV can withstand cold temperatures. After checking the manual, you can put the electronics in a sealed plastic bag and leave it in the freezer overnight. The freezing temperatures will kill the roaches.

    Using Baits to Get Rid of Roaches

    You may be worried about the cold damaging your television or cannot fit your electronics into your freezer. In this case, you should try a roach gel bait, bait station, or boric acid trap outside of the television. The cockroaches will be attracted to the poisoned food, eat it, and die. This method is probably the most effective way to eliminate a cockroach infestation in your television without risk to the sensitive electronics within. However, you will still have to get rid of the dead cockroaches left inside the TV.

    Need Help Getting Rid of Roaches In Your TV? Connect With a Local Expert

    How Do You Clean Roach Infested Electronics?

    When cleaning roach-infested electronics, you must get rid of all traces of the roaches. Eggs can repopulate your television with more unwelcome guests. Roaches spread disease and germs, so you want to be extremely thorough.

    You can try blasting the roaches out of your television by using canned air. Cockroaches can squeeze into the smallest crevices, so be very thorough with the smallest tip you can find for your compressed air. Note that this will spray roach guts, eggs, feces, and possibly live roaches out of your television, so you should probably do this outside. Once your electronics have been blown out, you can take apart the electronics with a screwdriver and clean the interior with a Q-tip, brush, or soft cloth.

    Using soapy water to clean your electronics is not the best idea. The liquid can short out the circuits or cause permanent damage to the device.

    How to Keep Roaches Out of Electronics

    The best way to keep roaches out of your electronics is to make sure that they do not infest the television to begin with. Remove roach incentives from your home by cleaning up any spills or standing water that may be accessible. Do not leave food out overnight; keep your dog food in a sealed container to keep roaches out. Keep your home and electronics clean and disinfect them as frequently as possible. You can also lay preventative roach traps around your electronics to provide an added layer of protection.

    If you have a roach infestation, you should call a pest control professional. They will have the best methods to solve your roach problem without damaging your electronics. You can also be assured that they will track down and remove all traces of the roach infestation and any other type of bug from your home.

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