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Roaches in Electrical Outlets 

Roaches in Electrical Outlets 
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    Roaches are notorious for causing massive infestations. They’re also known for being difficult to kill. Knowing this, you may question where roaches can get into, such as the electrical outlets. Additionally, you might wonder what dangers exist if roaches invade your electrical outlets.

    Why Do Roaches Like Electrical Outlets?

    First and foremost, roaches like to fit into tight spaces. They seek places where their bodies and shells can touch the edges, making an electrical outlet suitable for these pests.

    Additionally, roaches may be attracted to the electromagnetism of an electrical current. Since the outlet will generate heat, the roaches could also seek out outlets for this purpose.

    Besides outlets, you can also find roaches in electric switches as well as electric appliances. Basically, you could find them in anything that conducts electricity.

    How Do I Get Rid of Roaches in My Outlets?

    If you notice cockroaches in your outlets, your next question may be how to get them out. Fortunately, one way is known to work well. It can help to use multiple solutions to get the infestation under control.

    Powdered Boric Acid

    For this method, you apply boric acid dust in the outlet. The dust will coat the roaches’ shells and will kill them. Specifically, the particles will stick to the shell. Some will absorb through their covering. In addition, when the roaches clean themselves, they’ll ingest a portion of the powder. The composition of the boric acid dust will dehydrate the roaches internally while damaging their exoskeletons.

    Make sure you apply the boric acid powder in all the outlets in your home. If not, the roaches will merely migrate to a new location.

    Bait Stations

    Since you may have roaches in various other places in your home, if they’re in your electrical outlets, it could help to situate bait stations.

    A bait station is a trap for roaches. It consists of something to lure the cockroaches in. Then, it also has a substance that kills roaches. The roaches will ingest this substance and bring it back to the other roaches in the colony. Slowly, the poison will kill the roaches.

    Need Help Getting Rid of Roaches Around Your House? Connect With Local Professionals

    Ultrasonic Pest Repellant

    You could also place an ultrasonic pest repellant. These devices emit ultrasonic waves, which make high-frequency vibrations or high-pitched sounds.

    Although humans typically can’t sense the ultrasonic waves, roaches can, and they’re uncomfortable for the roaches. You can find ones that plug into the wall or are battery-powered.

    Plugging Up Electrical Outlets

    Once you rid the outlets of the roaches, you should place the childproof guards into all of your plugs. This will keep the roaches out of them in the future.

    Do Roaches Eat Electrical Wires?

    Some pests are notorious for damaging electrical wires, which is a fire hazard.

    do roaches eat electrical wires

    As a general rule, roaches don’t tend to eat electrical wiring. However, they have eaten through wires in the past. While the coating on the wires doesn’t appeal to them, the wiring insulation consists of paper or cellulose. Both of these materials are easily digestible to roaches.

    Therefore, if you know you have roaches, it’s vital to check your electrical wires for damage to prevent a fire.

    Do Roaches Live in Electronics?

    Roaches will live in your electronic devices, including desktop computer towers, laptops, TVs, and microwaves. Game consoles are another electronic device that’s susceptible to a cockroach infestation.

    The roaches like the warmth the devices generate. Additionally, the nuisances also find that these items provide safety since these items provide a secluded spot. Electronics could even be where roaches will lay their eggs.

    If you have roaches inside electronics, they can damage these devices. They may cause the device’s circuitry to burn out. What happens is these pests will excrete waste and shed their skin. Eventually, this can accumulate and harm the item.

    Keep in mind that a cockroach infestation in an electronic device may not have begun at your home. Cockroaches can get into warehouses and hide in the devices before they’re shipped out. Once you bring the item home, the stowaways can continue to live and thrive once they enter your house, where they can find the necessities to live, i.e. food.

    What to Do With Electronics Affected by Cockroaches?

    If you notice damage to an electrical cord from roaches, you should either replace the cord (if you know how) or replace the entire device.

    You’ll need to assess the severity of the damage to the inside of the electronic device. If you have quite an infestation, you may not be able to salvage the device if damage has already been done internally.

    However, if the infestation isn’t significant, try placing the device in a sealed bag and placing it in your freezer. The roaches don’t like the cold temperatures and can’t thrive in them. As a general rule, leave the sealed bag in the freezer for three to five days. Just be sure to read temperature thresholds for your specific device.

    Another way to get out cockroaches is by blowing compressed air into the device. As you’re removing the roaches, you’ll also be cleaning out their remains and fecal material.

    Once you’ve gotten rid of the roaches, you’ll need to take the device apart and evaluate it for damage. You’ll also want to take this as an opportunity to clean out the inside of the device thoroughly. You may want to take it to a professional electronic repair or cleaning company if you’re unsure of how to do this safely.


    Roaches may enter into your electrical plugs. They may go into your electronic devices and damage your cords in some cases. While, ideally, you want to focus on roach prevention, you may find yourself in a predicament where you need to control an active infestation. Fortunately, traps and other means are available to help, but if you have a serious infestation, you may need the assistance of a professional pest control company.




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