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How to Get Roaches Out of a Computer

How to Get Roaches Out of a Computer or Laptop
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    Throughout the years, roaches have developed a tolerance to the chemicals used to kill them. If you notice you have roaches in a computer, you can’t use these chemicals anyways. So, how do you get roaches out of a computer without damaging the computer?

    Are Roaches Attracted to Computers?

    You may be shocked to know that roaches can get into computers. You tend to think of them hiding behind your fridge or stove to stay undetected. They’re known to prefer moist places. However, roaches are known for hiding in electronics like computers in pursuit of refuge and seclusion.

    The inside of your computer is warm, which they thrive off of. They’re known to prefer warmer climates, such as Florida and Georgia. They, however, are in the northern states as well but will seek out shelter in places where there’s warmth, like inside of your computer.

    Moreover, you might also think that roaches are terrified of light. But, this belief is a wives’ tale. A majority of cockroach species are partial to darkness. However, some species are attracted to the light of your computer and other electronics. During the night, when they feel it’s safe to come out, they have hovered near areas where there’s light, though most will scatter if you shine a light directly on them.

    Can Cockroaches Get in Your Laptop?

    Cockroaches will end up anywhere they can fit. Unfortunately, they can fit into your laptop and will venture in. As previously mentioned, they like the warmth and privacy that the inside of electronics can provide. They’ll even lay eggs inside of your laptop.

    How Do You Know if You Should Check Your Computer for Roaches?

    You might not notice any signs your laptop or desktop computer has roaches because they’ll usually hide inside of the device, and that’s even where they’ll lay their eggs. If you feel your computer could have roaches, inspect openings where they could get into, such as ports.

    You should also check on the outside of your electronics and around your home for signs you have roaches. If you find you have signs of roaches, you should check your computer for roaches as a precautionary measure.

    One sign is roach droppings, which vary in appearance based on the species. Larger roaches may have droppings that are the size of a grain of rice. The droppings are usually round and dark in color. On the other hand, some roaches produce waste as small as a coffee ground or resemble black pepper.

    You might notice egg casings in your home. The average casing can hold up to 50 eggs. The most common location for egg casings is around a refrigerator or food cabinet. The female cockroach might also leave the eggs in a damp place, such as around leaky pipes. The eggs hatch, and all that remains is the casing. Casings are long, light brown to dark brown shells. They’re hollow and usually around eight millimeters in length.

    The smell can be an indicator that you have roaches. You’ll notice an unpleasant odor if you have them. However, this odor is only present when you have more than one roach because one doesn’t tend to produce enough odor to be noticeable. When roaches die, they also give off a foul aroma caused by their bodies decomposing.

    The most obvious sign that you have roaches is when you see one. However, by the time you see one, it usually means that you have quite an infestation.

    Can Roaches Damage Computers?

    Firstly, roaches can carry diseases. If they’ve crawled on the outside of your laptop or desktop, you could unknowingly come in contact with bacteria that they leave behind.

    Secondly, they’re also known to damage the inside of your computer. A roach could come in contact with the high-voltage area of your computer. They end up killing themselves at this point because they can’t withstand the current. As this continues to happen, it could cause your computer to short out.

    How Do You Clean a Roach Infested Computer or Laptop?

    Firstly, you should move the computer to a closed space. Make sure you turn off your computer.

    Next, you want to spray the space with some roach killer, being ever so careful as not to get the spray into your computer. The moisture will damage the internal components of your computer. Let the spray remain around the device for the suggested amount of time noted by the manufacturer. Usually, it’s around 30 minutes.

    Allow the area to vent for a few minutes, and then remove your computer. Preferably, you should take your computer to an outdoor area and open it up. Although each computer is slightly different, you should remove the screws and can open it up. 

    At this point, you should hold your computer over the top of a garbage bag and dump the contents into the bag. Make sure you don’t touch the inside of your computer at all because you’re not grounded at this point. Therefore, you could send a spark through the computer and damage it.

    You’re still not done. Continue treating your computer outside since this next step could get a little messy. Now, you’ll want to use compressed air to clean the inside of your computer thoroughly of any possible dead roaches. To do this, you should hold the can a few inches away from all computer’s internal components and blow air throughout the computer. Focus on aiming the canister in the nooks and crannies of your device.

    Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned out the inside of the computer, you can put it back together and turn it on.

    After you’re done cleaning out your computer, you should keep it protected by placing some cockroach prevention solution around where you usually have your laptop or where your desktop computer is set up. Powders like boric acid and diatomaceous earth are commonly used to get rid of roaches.

    While you’ll be able to resume using your computer again, your computer is still at risk of reinfestation if you still have roaches in your home. Therefore, the next step you should take is getting rid of the roaches in your home, which, especially with larger infestations, requires a professional company to make sure you have the problem under control since cockroaches are difficult to get rid of.

    What I Do If I Can’t Handle Cleaning Cockroaches Out of My Computer?

    A local pest control company may assist if you don’t have the stomach to handle cleaning out your electronics for cockroaches. They’ll treat the problem outside of your computer and may be able to get the cockroaches out of the inside of your computer safely and effectively. If not, they might be able to guide you to an electronics repair company that can help.

    Get Professional Help With Roaches In a Computer

    Keep in mind that some devices may have such a large infestation that the computer isn’t salvable.

    Roaches are an awful problem to have. They might make you squeamish just reading about them. However, if you take care of the problem inside of your computer and outside of your computer, you can get them out of your home and possibly save your electronic device.

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