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How to Get Roaches Out of a Game System (PS4 & Xbox)

How to Get Roaches Out of a Game System (PS4 & Xbox)
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    Roaches in video game systems are becoming so common that many repair shops charge an additional roach fee due to the inconvenience of dealing with these pests. If the thought of having roaches in one of your favorite electronic devices makes you cringe, then follow this guide to ensure your console doesn’t get hit by an infestation.


    Why Do Roaches Go In Game Consoles (Play Station & Xbox)?

    Gaming consoles have several defining features that attract roaches. Many people store their systems on the floor, where they are more accessible to insects. Newer systems also have air vents that are large enough for roaches to get inside.

    While roaches will crawl into any space that appears to provide shelter, gaming consoles like PS4s are especially attractive to them due to their warmth. The constant electricity flow through the unit allows roaches to stay warm and comfortable in cooler indoor environments.


    Can You Spray Raid on Electronics?

    Spraying Raid is many people’s first line of defense against roaches, and it is easy to see why since the spray is cheap and easily found in common grocery stores. However, Raid is not the best thing to be spraying on your expensive electronic equipment.

    roach spray and electronics

    Raid contains petroleum distillates as its inert ingredients. While this oily substance helps the pesticide reach the roaches better when applied properly, it poses a hazard for use in electronics.

    Spraying Raid on your gaming system can allow it to get inside, negatively affecting the components. Aerosol sprays are also flammable, which can be dangerous to use around electric devices.


    How Do You Get Roaches Out of a Game System?

    If you can’t spray Raid, you are likely wondering what you can do to get rid of the roaches. Fortunately, you have several options to help you preserve your device and eliminate nuisance bugs that disrupt your peace as you play your games.

    Shut Off Power to the Console

    Turning off the console and unplugging the power source immediately removes the warmth that roaches seek out. Ideally, you should unplug the device anytime you are not actively using it. Shutting off the power is also the first step to ensure that your next roach control strategies are conducted safely.

    For instance, some people recommend freezing the console. This can help kill off roaches, but you may still need to consider the potential damage that extremely low temps or moisture could cause to your unit.

    Focus On Roach Control Throughout Your House

    Roaches don’t just spring up in a gaming system from out of nowhere. Instead, you can safely assume that you have roaches throughout the rest of your living space. There could easily be roaches in other electronic devices and appliances in your home. For instance, roaches also like to live in microwaves, Stoves, TVs, and Computers

    A professional pest inspection can reveal where the roaches inhabit your living space. After an inspection, you can find the best long-term methods for eliminating roaches. For instance, regular spraying can prevent the problem from happening again once you’ve killed off the initial infestation.

    Spraying around your home’s perimeter effectively kills video game roaches because the bugs will eventually leave the console and come in contact with the spray when they go off searching for food and water.

     You can also attempt to create your own roach bait to lure roaches out of your console using borax and sugar or peanut butter.

    Consider Taking the Console to a Repair Shop

    An infested console is at risk of eventually becoming inoperable. Roaches may get fried by the power source and can wind up clogging the unit and causing it to malfunction. Roaches also leave behind egg casings that can turn into new problems and droppings that are hazardous to the unit.

    Repair shops frequently see roach-infested devices. However, you will want to give the shop a heads-up that you know your device is infested so they can take the proper steps to avoid contact with potentially contaminated consoles. Once your device is cleaned, the repair service provider can identify any damage the roaches cause so that you can get it repaired.


    Keeping Roaches Out of Game Consoles

    Despite the commonness of roach infestations in gaming units, you don’t have to sit idly by and accept that your console will be infested. Instead, you can use these steps to ensure your unit stays roach-free.

    Clean Your Console Regularly

    Consoles tend to accumulate debris, and using compressed air can help to clear the dust and remove any potential roach egg casings or dead bugs. Just make sure to blow out the unit outside to avoid further contaminating your home. If the outer part of your console gets soiled by food or a spilled drink, wipe it clean as soon as you notice the residue.

    Carefully Inspect Used Devices and Equipment

    Used gaming equipment helps you to keep your hobby affordable, but it can come with the cost of potentially bringing new pests home. If you buy a used PS4/PS5 or Xbox, take the time to look carefully for roaches. Passing up a low-cost addition to your equipment might be hard, but you’ll be glad you did if you avoid bringing home an infestation.

    Keep Your Console Off the Ground

    Proper airflow keeps consoles functioning properly, and the fan can help to blow insects out before they have a chance to start making a nest. 

    Choose a place for your console off the floor, such as on a table or TV stand. Then, keep clutter away from the vents on the unit so that it can maintain proper airflow for cooling and pest prevention purposes.

    Maintain a Roach-Free Living Environment

    Even when the console is off the ground, roaches can still access it if crawling along the coffee table or walls. Establish a set of good pest prevention practices in your home. For example, you can avoid eating food that could leave crumbs near your device while playing video games.

    clean up after gaming

    At the very least, clean up any food and drinks you consume as you game. You can also take further action by eliminating entry points for roaches around your house, such as cracks around the doors and windows. 

    When your home doesn’t have roaches, there is a near-zero risk that you’ll ever find one crawling around your gaming system.

    Video game systems are meant to give you a fun way to relax and unwind after a long day. The last thing you need is to witness a roach crawling out of your system or, even worse, discovering that you Playstation or Xbox is fried.

    Roaches in your console are usually indicative of a larger problem at hand. Eliminating roaches in your home helps you keep your gaming system working properly so you can kick back and enjoy your favorite games.

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