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How Do Roaches Get in Your House?

How Do Roaches Get in Your House
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     Cockroaches are pests that can carry many different diseases that could impact humans living near them. Roaches can also cause lung irritation, especially in people with asthma and other allergies. Many wonder how these roaches get into your house in the first place. 

    Read on to gain valuable information on why roaches infest homes and how to get rid of these disease-carrying pests if they try to move into your living quarters.

    What Attracts Cockroaches in Your Home?

     Roaches are attracted to places that are dark, moist, and warm. These insects are drawn by certain odors, food crumbs, and a messier environment with more places to hide. 

     These pests need moisture for survival, so it is not surprising that these insects will get into a home by following water and sewer pipes, especially when these pipes have leaks or give off condensation due to the humidity in the surrounding air.

     It should be noted that many other pests are drawn into the home through these small openings and crevices that may be found around old water or sewer pipes. 

     Knowing what attracts cockroaches to your home can help you from developing a roach infestation.


    Some Intriguing Facts Regarding Cockroaches

    Roaches Have Been in Existence for a Very Long Time

     Cockroaches have been around for centuries and have been documented by scientists as having lived when dinosaurs roamed the earth. There are over 4,000 known varieties of cockroaches living today across the planet

    Cockroaches Are Scavengers & Can Transfer Disease-Causing Bacteria & Microorganisms

     They are food scavengers, and their sticky legs can harbor food, dirt, allergens, and disease-causing microorganisms that get transferred onto other surfaces and food supplies as these pests run through them.

    These Pests Are Exceptionally Adaptable & It Is Hard to Get Rid of Them

     Roaches are extremely hardy and can survive for long periods in extreme temperatures due to this insect’s long history of adapting to their environments. Not all roach species bother human living spaces, and roaches are social and have been studied by scientists who claim these bugs have intelligence.

    Roaches Run Extremely Fast, Making Them Difficult to Catch

    These pests run quickly, lay large numbers of eggs, and multiply rapidly. Most homeowners are unaware that they have a roach infestation problem until the infestation is very involved.

    Most Roach Species Do Not Bother Humans

     Roaches come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Roaches tend to be larger in tropical environments.

    It is a Myth That Roaches Only Invade Dirty Places

    Risks of Getting Roaches Rises When Living in Apartments or Condos

     If living in a condo or multifamily apartment complex, the risks of having a roach infestation problem grow higher. Always treat your apartment if neighboring apartments are being treated for roaches because some of the roaches will escape the treatment toxins by running into nearby safe apartments.

    Roaches Hitch Rides Hidden Inside Paper Grocery Bags & Cardboard

     These pests are drawn to food but love to eat paper products and glue material often found in grocery paper shopping bags. This is a common route of transmission that takes roach eggs or larvae right into an unsuspecting human’s home since these eggs and larvae are hidden near where the bag flaps are glued together at the bottom of the bag.


    How Do You Keep Roaches Out of Your House?

     Remember that roaches need a dark, warm and moist environment for survival. There are some practical methods to keep roaches, and other pests, from invading your home or other indoor environments. Preventing these stubborn bugs from getting inside your living spaces is far easier and less of a hassle than waiting for things to become out of hand.

     Consider these expert tips for keeping roaches away that include:

    • Keep Your Living Spaces Clean & Tidy
    • Avoid Stacking Newspapers, Books, Magazines or Other Paper Products in Attics, Basements or Other Indoor Spaces
    • Store Items in Sealed Plastic or Rubber Totes
    • Pay Special Attention to Food Pantries or Storage Areas – Use Sealed Plastic Containers to Store Opened Foods
    • Store Pet Food Products Up on Shelves
    • Seal Up Any Cracks or Openings Where Pests Can Get Inside – Around Pipes, HVAC Ducts, etc.
    • Rinse Cans/Bottles Before Disposing of them in the Garbage
    • Fix Water Leaks Under Appliances & Inside Dark Spaces
    • Make Sure Windows & Doors Are Sealed & Closed
    • Use Good-Quality Window/Door Screens Without Rips
    • Regularly Clean Kitchen Floors & Other Surfaces
    • Keep Clutter Away
    • Don’t Bring Grocery Paper Bags or Cardboard Boxes Inside – Use Reusable Totes Instead
    • Keep Dirty Laundry Off Floor
    • Use Natural Repellents – Catch Roaches with Baking Soda with Pinch of Sugar
    • Also, Consider Natural Oils like -Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender or Tea Tree Oils
    • Don’t Stack Dirty Dishes in Sink or Counter – Rinse Off After Meals
    • Treat Your Home if Nearby Neighbors Have a Roach Problem


    Is One Roach a Sign of Infestation?

     Pest experts say that seeing just one single cockroach does not necessarily mean that you have a serious cockroach infestation situation. There are many different varieties of cockroaches, and some species do not tend to live in human homes, such as some wood-eating roaches.

    However, the German cockroach hides away unseen behind doors, walls, and under floors. If the roach is identified as this German variety, it is essential to begin treatment measures as these roaches multiply rapidly in a short period. 

     It is advisable to have a pest control professional inspect your house to confirm your suspicions and offer helpful and effective recommendations for treatments. 

    Getting Rid of Roaches on Your Own

    Final Thoughts

     The most efficient and effective solution to a potential or current infestation of roaches is to contact a local pest control company to complete a home inspection and or provide treatment to resolve your pest problem promptly and in the safest way possible.

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