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German Roaches in Car

German Roaches in Car
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    Roach infestations are among the most dreaded pest problems people face with their homes or commercial buildings. Yet, your bathroom isn’t the only place roaches can end up. Finding them in your car is disturbing, but you have ways to avoid dealing with them while driving.

    German cockroaches are notorious for being especially difficult to control since they have a faster reproductive cycle than other species, which leads to rapid population growth. They are also small, with most being only about half an inch long, making it easy for them to slip through normal cracks in your car, such as around the doors.

    While you might dislike having these unwanted passengers crawling around your car as you drive, it is important to note that they can also cause potentially harmful health reactions. On top of being capable of transmitting diseases, they could also cause your allergies or asthma to flare up.

    Since the last thing you need is a sneezing attack while driving, it is best to get them out of your car. As you begin the process, it helps to know the following information that makes ending a car roach problem a breeze.


    How Do German Roaches Get In Your Car?

    Cockroaches enter your car the same way they’d enter your home. They might be able to scamper inside when you open the doors, or they could take advantage of you accidentally leaving the windows open.

    Roaches can also make it through the tiniest of cracks. They could crawl into your vehicle through the air ventilation system, or they might be able to find a small hole in the seal around the windows.

    You might even bring the roaches in yourself without being aware of them. Think about how often you throw groceries into your car or transport boxes from one place to another. If any item you put in your car is infested with roaches, you can safely assume that one might decide to make your vehicle it’s home.

    Always be cautious about putting moving boxes in your car if you know the place they are coming from could have an active pest infestation. It also helps to use caution with secondhand items. That bag of donated clothes or used gaming system could harbor cockroaches that will scatter once you start driving.


    Where Do German Roaches Hide In Cars?

    Roaches aren’t too picky about where they hide, but they have a few common areas where they like to hang out. Thinking like a roach isn’t too hard. They love dark, undisturbed spaces with access to food.

    check for crumbs and spills in car


    You can start by checking underneath the seats and floor mats. German roaches pick these spots because they often hold crumbs and drink spills that they use as a food source. They also take advantage of these areas because they give them a good hiding place for dropping their eggs.

    Car trunks are another common place to find roaches. These roaches often come from infested groceries and items you load in the trunk. Once the roaches are there, they may not have to go very far to find food if you rarely clean this part of your car.

    You’ll also want to remember that roaches might hide on the exterior of your car, especially if you have a truck. If you routinely store equipment or garbage in the back of your truck bed, the roaches might find that area inviting. Trucks with camper beds are especially attractive to German roaches since you may leave snacks and other food sources behind after your trips.


    Can German Roaches Survive In a Hot Car?

    People can’t survive very long in a hot car without some ventilation or air conditioning. However, most roach species can survive temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. While most roaches can die at this high temp, it can sometimes take several hours.

    If you live in a climate where the vehicle can reach high temps, then it is possible that the roaches could die off if it stays that hot inside for very long. But, most roaches will vacate the car during the hottest times of the day. If your car is still there when it cools off, you can bet they’ll return to their favorite feeding and mating spot.

    In an even worse scenario, the roaches could vacate your car and end up in your home if you park in the garage. Outdoor parking can help prevent the infestation from spreading. Still, it is also possible for a roach to move from your driveway into your home if they find a good entry point.


    What Are Signs of Roaches Living In Your Car?

    Seeing a cockroach is a clear sign that there could be more living in your vehicle. If the population is large, you might notice brown streaks, which is their excrement around places they routinely hang out. A large group of roaches can also cause your car to develop a musty odor due to pheromones and waste products.

    cockroach eggs in car

    If your car has become a breeding ground, then you might see their egg casings in hidden parts of your car. Removing these casings is critical for keeping the problem from getting worse.


    How Do I Get Rid of German Roaches In My Car?

    Your first step is to give your car a good cleaning. Vacuuming the floor and seats helps to remove crumbs that the roaches view as food sources. You might also need to shampoo the seats and any other carpeted areas that could have food or drink stains.

    Once you’ve cleaned your car, you can explore potential ways to kill the roaches. Some people use powders or sprays to end an infestation quickly. Baits are another option that you can use if you don’t want insecticides on your seats. However, you’ll want to put these in places where kids and pets can’t access them. 

    Some common powders for getting rid of roaches include:


    How Do You Make Sure Roaches Don’t Come Back?

    After you’ve had roaches in your car, you’ll likely want to do whatever it takes to prevent them from returning. The simplest thing you can do is avoid eating and drinking in your car. You’ll also want to choose safe parking spaces.

    Choosing to park your car on a hard surface that isn’t located too close to natural roach living spaces can prevent them from coming close enough to get into your car.

    Finally, you’ll want to remember that a car infestation can quickly become a home invasion. If you regularly park your car in the garage, the German roaches may also live there.

    Inspect your garage and the other parts of your house to ensure you don’t end up allowing the roaches to move back and forth between your home and car. With this type of roach, you can never be too vigilant about handling an infestation.


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