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How to Get Roaches Out of Furniture

get roaches out of furniture
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    When roaches move in, you want to move out. They will find any hiding place in your home and set up shop, leaving fecal matter, eggs, musky odors, bacteria, and other general unpleasantness all over your home. If you do not want to deal with these pests for a long time, you need to figure out how to get rid of them- and fast.

    The difficulty in dealing with roaches comes from how good they are at finding places out of sight and out of reach. Their tiny bodies mean that roaches can infiltrate small openings and crevices, leaving almost your entire home fair game for them to sneak into. Roaches can hide under furniture, inside electronics, your attic, in your walls, your ceiling, and even your furniture.

    To get rid of a roach infestation, the most important step is to remove incentives for roaches to live in your home. Roaches love food, water, hiding places, heat, and humidity. If you are leaving food out, you create the perfect environment for them to move in. Standing water gives roaches a reliable drinking source and may provide some humidity for them. Always keep your home clean and disinfect it whenever you can

    How To Tell If Your Furniture Has Roaches

    It can be a nightmare dealing with roaches living in your furniture. You want to catch an infestation as quickly as possible, or it can easily spiral out of control. The first thing that you should do is look for signs of cockroaches in your furniture.

    Need Help Identifying a Roach Infestation? Connect With a Local Expert

    Signs include roach feces, eggs, and smell around your furniture. Cockroach egg cases are called oothecae. They are laid as a protective foam containing the eggs, which hardens into a solid case. Egg cases are usually hidden as far out of sight as possible to protect the roach babies that will hatch. 

    Roach droppings look like black pellets. They are comparable to black pepper or fine coffee grounds. Cockroaches will leave their feces often in places that they frequent. You may also notice the distinctive musky smell that cockroaches bring with them when they infest a home.

    To track roaches in your home, you should know what they look like. Cockroaches are small, brown insects with flattened oval bodies. Their legs have spikes. You will also see long antennae sticking out of the front of their heads. Roaches can make chirping or hissing sounds and are extremely fast runners. They will typically scatter when you turn on the light. Roaches are never solitary, so if you spy one roach, you will have a nest somewhere.

    How to Get Roaches Out of a Couch and Other Furniture

    If you are realizing with increasing panic that cockroaches may be in your couch, don’t worry. You can get them out; it will just require a little elbow grease. 

     If you think that you have roaches in your couch, follow these steps to get rid of them before it becomes an even bigger problem and health risk.

    First, vacuum your couch thoroughly. Take apart the couch as much as you can and vacuum each piece individually. This means taking all of the cushions, and even the cushion covers off the couch and cleaning them. You should always launder any cloth furniture that you receive to avoid pests like roaches from hiding within the furniture.

    vacuum crumbs from your couch

    If you have any crumbs under your couch, you need to get rid of them ASAP. Put the vacuum bag in a sealed container and throw it away. If you do not have a vacuum bag, then empty the canister in the garbage bag and throw it in the dumpster or outdoor garbage bins immediately. This is important to avoid roaches (that you may have sucked up) from making a new home in your indoor garbage bins. 

    Next, thoroughly shampoo any cloth elements of your couch. You can add half of a cup of white vinegar to your shampooer to make it even less attractive to future roaches.

    Use roach gel bait around the couch to get any stragglers over the next few weeks. You can also make your own roach bait recipe with just a couple of ingredients. Some of our favorites are mixing sugar with borax or boric acid. This is a great way to kill roaches once they come out of hiding from within your furniture. 

    It would also help if you moved any infested piece of furniture outside as soon as you realize it has a roach problem. This may sound counter-productive, but it is a great way to avoid roaches from spreading to the rest of the house. You can move the furniture back inside once you are sure there are no more roaches, 

    What about Leather Couches?

    keep your leather couch clean

    If you have roaches in your leather couch, you will want to follow the same steps listed above, except you will not be able to launder your couch cushions. A simple cleaning solution for leather couches is a combination of water and vinegar. 

    What Can You Spray on Couches for Roaches?

    When people see a cockroach, their first instinct is to reach for a can of Raid or a heavy shoe. When it comes to your couch, you do not want to spray directly onto the fabric. Cockroach spray has a very strong odor and can absorb into your couch cushions or potentially cause stains. We recommend spraying around the couch on areas that are easy to clean. You should also look for where the roaches enter your home and spray around that area.  

    Pest control professionals will have the most effective and powerful ways to eliminate roaches in your home. If you do not think you can handle the cockroach infestation, contact an exterminator immediately.

    Can You Get Roaches from Used Furniture?

    Like bed bugs, cockroaches can be an unpleasant surprise when you purchase secondhand furniture. While this may not be the most common way for roaches to spread from one household to another, it is certainly possible.

    Usually, the way it happens is that the roaches will hide in an old dresser or couch in a home with an infestation. When the furniture changes hands, the roaches stay hidden to avoid any potential threats until the furniture has stopped moving and settled somewhere. Once the roaches get hungry, they will leave the furniture to scavenge for food and may select a new home elsewhere in the house.

    This is a disgusting possibility, but it does happen. Cockroaches will eat paper and cardboard boxes, so old desks with stacks of files left in the drawers can be cockroach havens. Before you take any used furniture home, always conduct a thorough inspection for any signs of roach infestation.

    Can Roaches Live in Wood Furniture?

    Roaches will live anywhere that they can, regardless of the furniture’s material. They have been known to occupy wallpaper, wood furniture, plastic furniture, computers, and other areas of the home. The most important thing to remember when dealing with roaches is their need to be hidden. If you have a piece of furniture against the wall or covering the floor, it gives roaches a spot to hide from threats during the day.

    Roaches will look for spaces that they can live comfortably. They need access to food and water and preferably warmth. Always keep all of your food in sealed containers off the floor. Get rid of any standing water or leaks in your home.


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