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Does Cardboard Attract Roaches?

Does cardboard attract roaches
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    The thought of cockroaches is enough to make anyone get shivers up their spine. One of the best ways to rid yourself of the pests and keep them out for good is to eliminate their hiding spaces. Your next question is probably where these hiding places are and how to eliminate them. This article will answer the question, Does cardboard attract roaches? 

    Why Do Roaches Eat Cardboard?

     Roaches are one of the most adaptable species on the planet and eat a wide variety of things with a preference for decaying organic materials, such as old, wet cardboard. They will also eat hair, bakery products, bookbindings, glue, beer, leather, cheese, soiled clothing, plant materials, dead animals, and glossy paper. Common cockroach species like German and American cockroaches will even eat dead cockroaches.

    According to the PennState Extension, an adult cockroach can go up to three months without food and still survive. 

    Another question people often have is, Do roaches lay eggs in cardboard? The answer is yes, because they love anyplace that is wet, dark, and feels protected.

     A cockroach usually lays eggs close to a food and water source and someplace that is protected. Cardboard is a perfect breeding ground when it is wet. 

    How Do You Keep Roaches Out of Cardboard

     Cockroaches will be less likely to hide in cardboard if it is kept dry. If you have roaches in cardboard, then you probably have them in other places, too. They love any place that has excess moisture and a food source. The best way to keep roaches out of your home is by eliminating hiding places and anything that attracts them. 

    How to Keep Roaches Out of Your House

     If you have roaches, it does not necessarily mean that you are a poor housekeeper. They can hitch a ride almost anywhere, including grocery items, clothing, or boxes from a warehouse. There are a few natural things that you can do if you have found a roach infestation. The best thing to do is to get on it right away because the problem will only become bigger over time. 

    Boric Acid

     One of the most widely used methods for getting rid of roaches is boric acid. Boric acid is a more refined powered form of borax, a natural mineral that works to kill roaches and other pests like silverfish. 

    You only need to use fine dusting around your kitchen cabinets, baseboards, under sinks, and anywhere roaches can hide. It kills them when they ingest it. You will not see results immediately, but you will begin to reduce the population in about two weeks.

    Borax and Powdered Sugar

     Borax is found at many grocery stores in the laundry department. It is a cleaning product that is known as sodium borate. It is a natural mineral that is found in certain areas of the world. When combined with bait, such as powdered sugar, peanut butter, or honey, it will kill roaches and ant colonies. 

    You can apply the mixture around your baseboards, under the sink, and in the same places where you would put boric acid. Just as with boric acid, all it takes is a fine dusting. 

    Diatomaceous Earth

     The use of diatomaceous earth (DE) is another mineral useful around the home and garden. Similar to borax, it is the fossilized remains of tiny marine plankton. It is hard and punctures the exoskeleton of the roach’s body. This causes the insect to die. The problem with this method is that, unlike boric acid, you have to dust the insect with it. This means that there is much more hiding that may not be affected. 

    Citrus Essential Oils

     Citrus essential oils are a natural insect repellant for roaches. Oils that are said to work include lemongrass, rose, palmarosa, and cinnamon. If you spray them directly on the roaches, it will kill them, but these oils do not work as passive baits. They will act as a deterrent, but you have to make sure to apply them regularly for them to work. Also, they do not affect roaches in areas that you cannot reach, which is the most commonplace for roaches to hide. 

     These four roach control methods are known to work if used correctly, but the best way to rid your home of roaches is to eliminate food crumbs, standing water, and hiding places. This means keeping your home tidy, keeping all food in plastic containers, and using passive control means.

    You can also try to seal up any entrances that they have into the home. If your neighbors have roaches, you need to be extra vigilant and might want to keep something like boric acid dust as preventative maintenance. It is possible to keep these pests from your home, but it takes consistency and good habits. 

    If you are struggling to deal with a serious cockroach infestation, you should get in touch with a pest control professional as soon as possible.

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