Do Palm Trees Attract Snakes?

Do Palm Trees Attract Snakes

Do Palm Tree Attract Snakes? While palm trees do attract snakes, there’s a very specific reason that the reptiles slither up those trees, and it’s because of the rodents. Rats, mice, and other rodents can make their homes in palm trees, and the snakes will soon follow. Mice live in palm trees for shelter, food,…

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Does Citronella Repel Gnats?

Does Citronella Repel Gnats

Does Citronella Repel Gnats? There’s nothing more annoying than a typical gnat. They buzz, they annoy, and they tend to come in very large clouds that seem like something out of a cartoon. Gnats are more of a pest than a danger for you or your yard. They don’t damage plants; most species don’t bite;…

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Does Citronella Repel Bees?

Does citronella repel bees

Does Citronella Repel Bees? Whenever you find that you have bees buzzing around your house and yard, it can get so annoying that you decide to find a way to repel them.  Even though most bees aren’t that dangerous and will not sting you if you do not approach them, they can still be a…

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Do Palm Trees Attract Bees?

do palm trees attract bees

Do Palm Trees Attract Bees? Whenever you think about bees, the obvious connection is flowers. They pollinate flowers, drink the nectar, and are always buzzing around.  Several trees can attract bees. They will pollinate the flowers, live in the trees, and even eat the fruit that the tree produces. But what attracts bees to trees…

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Get Rid of Snake In Dryer Vent

snakes in dryer vent

Why is There a Snake in Your Dryer Vent? Whenever you inspect the dryer vent to have it cleaned and make sure that it isn’t clogged up, you might find an unpleasant surprise, a snake! Let’s hope you don’t find it out by the snake biting you and instead are warned by the movement and…

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Carpenter Bees vs Termites Damage

Carpenter Bees vs Termites Damage

Carpenter Bees vs Termites Damage Visually, the carpenter bee and a termite look very different. It’s not difficult to tell the difference between them. If you’ve spotted damage in your home that you know is caused by an insect but don’t know what caused it, there may be a couple of different options to consider.…

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DIY Termite Treatment Tips

DIY termite control

DIY Termite Treatment Tips Termites lives in large colonies and they feed on cellulose that they find in wood and plants. You’ll hear about destruction from a termite infestation because so many in a colony can quickly cause damage to a large degree. Because of this, you’ll want to get them far away from your…

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Get Rid of Bees On Your Deck & In Your Yard

get rid of bees in deck and yard

Get Rid of Bees On Your Deck & In Your Yard There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy your deck, only to find out that you have bees swarming around your deck and in your yard. When the summer evenings are in full swing, there are a lot of pests that want to join you…

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Termite Repellent

termite repellent

Termite Repellent: Keep Termites Away Naturally Are you sensitive to common household chemicals, pesticides or other bug-repellent products? This is an issue that many people face. You can be in quite a predicament if you find yourself with a termite or bug problem. If you’re trying to come up with a termite repellent that will…

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Signs of Termites

signs of termites

Signs of Termites Termites can cause some pretty serious damage in your home, but they can go undetected for quite a bit. Have you been noticing small holes in your walls, wood that sounds hollow or peeling paint that looks a lot like water damage? It may be time to do some investigation into the…

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