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How to Lure a Mosquito Out of Hiding

how to lure a mosquito out of hiding
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    It’s no surprise that mosquitoes are obnoxious and are not always the easiest to kill, considering they move quickly. What makes matters even worse is that sometimes they go into hiding. Fortunately, you can take steps to lure them out so you may address them. So how can you get them to come out?

    Where Do Mosquitoes Hide?

    Before eradicating a mosquito problem, you must know where they prefer to hide—that way, you know where to focus your efforts.

    Outside, these pests may hide in tall grass or weeds.

    They’re drawn to moisture, making a pond a prime place for them to convene. Keep in mind that the females need moisture to lay their eggs. 

    So if you have a pond, creek, or another source of stagnant water, you’ll not only be attracting them but also risk the problem worsening.

    Check any planters and pots you have. These often accumulate water when it rains. This makes planters a prime location to lay their eggs. 

    Surprisingly, indoors or outdoors, your pet’s water dish may become a prime location for mosquitoes to lay their eggs because the water isn’t moving. And if you forget to change it now and then, it could be a perfect environment for mosquitoes. The last thing you want to do is allow your pet to swallow mosquito larvae when you’re trying to keep your pet hydrated.

    Indoors, mosquitoes prefer to hide in dark spaces. You can expect to find mosquitoes in closets, under desks, and in corners of the ceiling.

    How Do You Get a Mosquito Out of a Hiding Place?

    To get a mosquito out of hiding, you must supply them with something they’re attracted to, such as sweat. While we hate to refer to you as mosquito bait, you’re an ideal way to get one out of hiding. 

    These pests like sweat, so go for a jog, lift weights, or do some cardio. Do anything that will make you sweat.

    Besides sweat, mosquitoes are also drawn to the carbon dioxide humans produce. You produce more of it when you exercise as you’re breathing heavier. You increase your body temperature when you exercise, which is another way to appeal to mosquitoes. Just make sure you can have a swatter nearby when you start attracting the mosquito. 

    A common strategy for controlling where the mosquitos fly to, is to turn all of the lights off and shine a flashlight in the section of the room that you want to mosquito to fly to. Your carbon dioxide will lure the mosquitos out of hiding, and the light will direct them to one location.

    mosquitos attracted to perfume and cologne

    Did you ever notice mosquitoes bite you more with perfume or body spray? This is because the scent attracts mosquitoes. If you want mosquitoes to come out, spray perfume or cologne and wait.

    Try setting up a trap using beer. They’re attracted to the odor of it. You’ll need an empty two-liter soda bottle. You cut off the top half so it forms a bowl, and insert it into the now open bottom half. Then, you pour in the beer and let it sit out. As the mosquitoes fly into the funnel trap, it becomes difficult for them to fly out.

    How Long Can Mosquitoes Survive Indoors

    On average, a mosquito lives about a month. However, some species only live two weeks while others live up to two months.

    When they’re in your home, they live anywhere from four days to one month.

    Keeping Mosquitoes Out of Your Home

    For one, ensure you have screens in all windows you keep open. Check the screens for holes; if you have one, repair it as quickly as possible.

    Create an outdoor space that’s not enticing to mosquitoes. That means you must ensure that there is no stagnant water around your home. Keep your weeds whacked, and the yard mowed, so you’re not creating an environment where they like to hide.

    Plant an herb garden outside of your home. Make sure to include a few basil plants because mosquitoes can’t stand their smell.

    mint to repel mosquitos

    You could have a mint plant or spray mint oil around your home. The smell may remind you of the winter holidays so that it won’t overwhelm you. On the other hand, it’ll keep the mosquitoes away.

    Mosquitoes are unwelcome visitors in and around your home. But, sometimes, you won’t even know they’re around until they bite you. You may find where they’re hiding and take steps to lure them out to kill them.

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