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Mosquitoes in Car

Mosquitoes in car
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    Mosquitoes are a nuisance, and they can carry diseases. The last thing you want to do is drive them around in your vehicle. So what can you do if you have them? And how can you prevent it from happening?

    Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted to My Car?

    As a general rule, there isn’t one single reason why mosquitoes are attracted to your vehicle. There isn’t anything about an automobile that appeals to them. That said, some issues could lead to mosquitoes being in or around your vehicle.

    For instance, you could have parked close to a sewer drain. Drains are a source of water, whether clean or unclean. Mosquitoes require a source of moisture for breeding purposes; therefore, you may find these nuisances near a sewer drain.

    You may also notice mosquitoes around your vehicle if you park it near a puddle of stagnant water. This is a prime spot for mosquitoes to lay eggs and hatch.

    The color of your automobile may be drawing in mosquitoes. Although they’re not fond of white, they are attracted to bold and dark colors. As a result, if you have a red, black, or orange car, for example, it may be luring mosquitoes.

    They’re also attracted to potential food sources. Therefore, if your vehicle has food wrappers and open drinks, you might attract these burdens.

    Perhaps you live in a forested area. The country is home to numerous mosquitoes, making a car parked there a prime target.

    How Do You Get Mosquitoes Out of Your Car?

    You may not want to kill mosquitoes in your vehicle for the sake of needing to clean up the mess. You might also not want to spray any insecticide in your car where you’re breathing in the air. Ruining your interior could be a concern as well.

    You could opt for an organic mosquito killer. On the other hand, you could even use a standard one and leave your windows down after spraying it.

    However, if you’d prefer not to take this route, consider using essential oil in your car. These consist of a natural ingredient and won’t kill mosquitoes. Therefore, you won’t have to clean up the mess. 

    Essential oils repel mosquitoes

    Instead, the scent repels them from the area, so they no longer want to be near your vehicle. Some examples of essential oils that repulse mosquitoes include the following:

    • Citronella
    • Lavender
    • Eucalyptus
    • Lemon
    • Tea tree

    How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Car

    For numerous reasons, you may not want mosquitoes in your vehicle in the first place. And if you spent time and money on getting them out once, it helps to keep them from returning and prevent this hassle.

    Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes

    Firstly, always watch where you park your vehicle. Choose another parking spot if you notice a puddle or any stagnant water in the general vicinity.

    Keep the mess at bay so there aren’t any food sources in your car.

    After you go to the gym, remove any gym clothes or shoes. They’re attracted to the scent of the sweat. It would be best if you stored them in a mesh bag or standard gym bag to alleviate some scents.

    Windows closed to keep mosquitoes away

    Whenever you park your car, always close your windows. That way, even if the pests are around your vehicle, they have a harder time getting in.

    Anytime you’re driving your automobile, keep it as cool as possible on hot days or after you have been somewhere active, like the gym. This will prevent you from getting sweat anywhere inside of your vehicle.

    If you’ve been sweating, try to shower or at least wipe off first.

    Use of Repellants

    You could use a repellant in your vehicle regularly during the months when mosquitoes are out, usually from April until September. If you’d rather not use a chemical-based repellant, consider applying a few drops of the aforementioned essential oils on cloth strips and hanging them in your vehicle.

    Another option is to mix water and repellent and rub it on your vehicle. Make sure the type you use is safe on your vehicle’s paint.

    If mosquitoes are in your automobile, taking action is vital. However, the best method is to prevent them in the first place.

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