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Smells Ants Hate

Smells ants hate
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    Ants don’t have noses or nostrils, so it may lead you to wonder if they can smell. These tiny nuisances use their antennas to get a whiff of the world around them, and when they take in certain scents, they don’t want anything to do with them.

    Do Cucumbers Repel Ants?

    Yes, cucumbers will repel ants in most cases. Leave a few cucumber peels in a place where you’re trying to ward off the ants, and you’ll notice these pests vacating the area. For one, the cucumber acts as a cover scent, so the ants can no longer smell the odor they leave. Additionally, it’s been said that cucumbers’ chemical composition gets rid of fungi that ants are drawn to, so they’re not partial to this scent.

    Does Lemon Scent Repel Ants?

    Some people love the scent of a freshly squeezed lemon. They may use the juice in their drinks, food, or even as a cleaning agent. Ants, on the other hand, aren’t so fond of the citrus scent.

    The peel of lemons contains d-limonene, which is an acidic oil known to kill ants. It also deters ants from remaining on their trail because they won’t be able to find food. Other citrus oils like orange oil are also effective at repelling ants.

    Does Lavender Repel Ants?

    Humans may purchase lavender scented oils because they’re known to have a calming effect and possibly promote a better night’s sleep. The exact opposite is true for ants. Lavender consists of a compound known as linalool, and it’s toxic to insects like ants and will keep them at bay when you apply it around an area where you have an infestation.

    Does Oatmeal Repel Ants?

    Oatmeal doesn’t act as a deterrent. In fact, if you leave out oatmeal for ants, you’re giving certain varieties a food source. Despite the folktale that oatmeal will expand in the ants’ stomachs once they eat it and receive hydration, this isn’t true. Red ants won’t eat oatmeal because they prefer a liquid diet, but it won’t detract them.

    Do Grits Repel Ants?

    Grits won’t repel ants no matter what you put in them. Certain varieties of ants will consume the grits. Like oatmeal, red ants won’t eat the grits because solid foods don’t sway them. Additionally, this food won’t swell in the ants’ stomachs, either. Therefore, if you leave grits out, you’ll feed certain kinds of ants.

    Do Ants Hate the Smell of Vinegar?

    Five percent of vinegar is acetic acid, responsible for the odor many humans aren’t keen on. This is the same reason why ants dislike the smell of vinegar. However, ants’ reasoning is a bit different than humans’.

    Ants give off pheromones that other ants use to find food. Since vinegar gives off such a powerful smell, the ants can’t sniff the pheromones that other ants released, thereby deferring them from locations with vinegar.

    Do Ants Hate the Smell of Peppermint?

    Peppermint might remind you of the winter holidays. It might automatically trigger thoughts of candy canes. However, ants don’t get that jolly feeling when they come in contact with this scent. This odor acts as a natural repellant for them.

    Peppermint contains alcohol, menthol, and terpene. None of the substances will kill ants, but it will keep them away from the area where you place the peppermint (or peppermint essential oil). The overwhelming fragrance of the peppermint covers up the scent of other ants, which hinders other ants from staying on that path.

    Do Ants Hate the Smell of Cinnamon?

    In small amounts, cinnamon is safe for animals. However, in larger amounts, the powder and the scent could cause them to cough and have difficulty breathing.

    Imagine the size of an ant compared to even a small pile of cinnamon. It’s no wonder that cinnamon is a smell known to dissuade ants from going in a certain direction.

    Do Ants Hate the Smell of Eucalyptus?

    The first thought you have when you think of eucalyptus may be of a koala. You’re probably surprised to know that eucalyptus is highly toxic. Other animals won’t consume it, but koalas have adapted to eat the plant and remove the toxic molecules from their systems quickly.

    It’s believed that the cineole — a colorless, oily substance with a minty fragrance — is what discourages ants from your home when you use the essential oil. Cineole is a substance found in citronella products to fight off pests. Keep in mind that eucalyptus oil won’t kill ants, though.

    Do Ants Hate the Smell of Garlic?

    Garlic is used in a variety of dishes from various cultures throughout the world, including the Mediterranean and Italian, among others. In the Chinese and Indian cultures, garlic is known to have health benefits, such as its effects on the heart.

    Ants, however, don’t have such a positive outlook on garlic. The potent aroma of garlic will keep ants away, but it won’t kill them.

    Do Ants Hate the Smell of Ground Pepper?

    Ground pepper doesn’t have capsaicin like certain other hot spices; it contains piperine — a bioactive compound similar to capsaicin. Piperine is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, humans may use it for health purposes. 

    You’ve probably noticed, though, when you season food with pepper and inhale some of it, it irritates the lining of your nose and triggers a response — achoo. Pepper won’t cause ants to sneeze, though. It may, however, hinder them from going to a certain area because the smell could be irritating to them. 

    Do Ants Hate the Smell of Mothballs?

    Mothballs are a smell notorious for being repulsive to animals. They’re known to repel moths, which is why people will place these balls of odor and pesticide in their clothing before storing them. It may lead you to wonder if they’ll keep ants away.

    Firstly, legality plays a role in what you can use mothball to keep away. If the animal isn’t listed on the label of the mothballs, you shouldn’t use it to repel that creature, though ants aren’t fond of mothballs. Plus, mothballs aren’t safe for you, your family or pets to inhale for prolonged amounts of time.

    Do Ants Hate the Smell of Chives?

    Even if you like chives on chicken dishes or on top of your potatoes to add a bit of flavor and color, you have to admit that chive has a powerful aroma. Something about this smell is a turn-off for ants as well.

    Do Ants Hate the Smell of Coffee?

    Ants don’t tend to have a problem if the coffee is your cup. They, however, aren’t fond of coffee grounds because they’re said to make it difficult for them to smell the pheromones left by other ants.

    An ant infestation won’t go away by merely placing lavender everywhere or throwing coffee grounds around the outside of your basement. While ants may despise many of these scents, they’re not surefire ways to stop ants from coming into your home and crawling all over your food, laundry, and belongings. Ideally, you should keep potential food sources stored away properly and contact a pest control expert if you experience an ant problem.

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