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Treat Fire Ant Bites

treat fire ant bites
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    Much different from the small black ants that you see crowding around a piece of food on your patio, fire ants can produce a bite that is really painful.

    Just seconds after you are bitten, you’ll experience swelling and extreme itchiness. Are you experiencing a histamine reaction from a fire ant bite? Read on to find out how to combat this reaction.


    Vinegar has natural antibacterial components that will prevent any bacteria from growing on your bite. If you’ve been scratching, this will be an important step. Apple cider vinegar can also help with the itch that you’re feeling.

    Black Teabags

    Black tea has natural tannins that are antibacterial. If you get a teabag wet and then let it cool in the refrigerator, you can then put the teabag on your fire ant bite. It will reduce the swelling, get rid of the itch and help the area heal more quickly. Have a couple of teabags in the refrigerator so you can swap them out as they lose their chill.

    Apply Ice

    A simple yet effective way to treat a fire ant bite is to apply an ice cube to the area. The reason your body is swelling is because of the histamine reaction you’re experiencing. Ice can prevent histamines from reaching the skin’s surface if you apply it quickly enough after the bite occurs. You’ll find that the ice numbs the itch as well.

    Toothpaste as an Ointment

    Toothpaste has a cooling agent that comes from the peppermint, menthol or cloves that are typically in the product. When you apply toothpaste to the area that’s red and itchy, you can numb the pain and irritation. Toothpaste can also prevent a histamine reaction.

    Tea Tree Oil

    Tea tree oil is extremely effective when it comes to a fire ant bite. You can prevent swelling, itching and redness with a diluted mixture of tea tree oil and water.

    You don’t want to apply tea tree oil directly to the skin without dilution. It’s very strong, and you could end up burning your skin. Tea tree oil can also prevent a secondary infection that would come about from excessive scratching.

    Topical Aspirin

    asprin for fire ant bites

    You’re probably used to taking aspirin for a headache or backache, but aspirin can be crushed up and applied to a fire ant bite. Make a paste with one aspirin and a little bit of water. Apply the mixture to the bite and let it sit overnight. You’ll see dramatic results the next day.

    If you notice any other alarming symptoms that would indicate an allergic reaction to a fire ant bite you’ll want to seek medical attention. This includes shortness of breath, tightness of the chest, cough or vomiting.

    If you find that a bite looks infected a few days after it originally occurred, this would warrant a visit to the doctor as well. Otherwise, you can expect to treat fire ant bites yourself pretty easily. Just be sure to keep the area clean and treat it regularly with your remedies.





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