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Get Rid of Flying Ants

get rid of flying ant
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    Are you someone that doesn’t prefer to have bugs flying around your home and swarming around you? If so, you’re not alone. There’s nothing pleasant about having something like flying ants taking over your living space. It’s a good idea to get rid of them right away to prevent them from coming back again and again.


    What Are Flying Ants?

    Flying ants aren’t necessarily a more harmful or dangerous type of ant. They’re basically the same kind of ant that you’ll find on the ground, except flying ants have grown wings as a way to properly mate. If you’ve been experiencing high levels of humidity or heavy rains where you live, you may be seeing more flying ants than normal.

    Don’t mistake these little buggers for termites. They’ve very different, and you can spot these differences once you take a closer look at the bug in question.

    Get Rid of Flying Ants

    A lot of people like to avoid having chemicals in the home. It’s just a safer option if you have chemical sensitivities, pets or children around. If you find a large infestation of flying ants in your home, you’ll want to remove them right away. This prevents them from reproducing. A lot of these methods utilize things you already have in the home.


    If you have a vacuum handy, sucking up flying ants is rather effective. Make sure that you immediately empty the bag or canister outside. There could be eggs that you don’t want to leave unattended. You can also risk having the flying ants escape from the vacuum if you put it away without removing them.


    Dish Soap

    Make a flying ants repellent in a spray bottle that contains one part dish soap, two parts water and a little bit of peppermint oil. Shake the mixture up and spray it directly onto any flying ants that you find. The intent is to have the soap stick to the ants in order to dehydrate their skin.

    This will slow them down and damage their wings. The peppermint oil is toxic to flying ants. They will suffocate from coming into contact with it. Learn about other smells ants hate.


    Sticky Tape Traps

    Fly tape or other sticky tape traps can be used to attract the ants and keep them contained. You can replace the tape as needed. If you don’t have any traps on hand, you can place duct tape in areas where you are finding flying ants. It may not attract them as well, but you want to force them through these areas. You can add a little bit of honey to the tape to try and attract them.

    Prevention is always optimal whenever you have bugs of any kind in the home. This includes figuring out why you have flying ants in the first place. You may not have entire colony living and breeding in your home, but it’s a good idea to get rid of a few flying ants when you first spot them.

    You don’t want to give them the opportunity to hide somewhere and invade your home. If you suspect there is a colony nearby, try to follow the ants to see where they’re going. Flying ants generally make their homes in walls or underneath your home. Destroy any signs of a colony or nest that you find. Dispose of it properly

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