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Get Rid of Spiders in Your Garage

Get rid of spiders in garage
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    Spring has arrived which means that bugs are going to start making their way into your home, garage, shed, and basement. Some of these bugs are looking for a safe place to create a nest.

    Others just want somewhere to call home that’s out of the elements. Your garage is the perfect place for spiders and other bugs. It’s easily accessible, but spiders can come and go as they please. The real question is, what is the process for how to keep spiders out of your garage?

    Keep the Area Clean

    A garage tends to house a lot of different items. This can include items for your vehicles, toys, sporting equipment, and lawn equipment. The more items you have in your garage, the more places spiders can hideout. Try to keep your garage as clean as you can. This will also allow you to clean out your garage more often which will cut down on the spiders that are in there.

    Frequently sweeping out your garage and wiping down items that are in there will make your garage less hospitable for spiders.


    Don’t Leave Garbage in the Garage

    keep spiders out of garage - garbage

    It’s common for people to take the garbage from inside of their home and leave it in the garage until the next time they leave. While this can cut down on the number of spiders that you have in your home, you can attract spiders with garbage that’s accumulating.

    Always take your garbage straight out to the can that should be outside of your garage. Leaving your garbage cans inside the garage will also attract spiders.


    Limit the Number of Lights

    When the sun goes down for the day, this is the time when spiders start to come out. Spiders like to lurk in the darkness unless they spot a meal. Keeping lights on in your garage at night tends to attract flying insects like flies and moths.

    These flying insects are the perfect meal opportunity for spiders in your garage. If you do need to use light in your garage it is better to use yellow lights. These lights are less attractive to insects.


    Remove Nests and Webs

    If you have spiders in your garage, you probably have some pretty large eight-legged friends stopping by. Easy access from the outside causes an increase in spiders. Periodically you can look around your garage for webs or nests.

    A lot of larger spiders will form a cocoon-type shelter out of web that they’ll go inside during the day. When it’s light outside, you can start poking around to see if you can get rid of any.

    Keeping the outside of your home pest-free can be a challenge, but this is something that you can achieve with a little bit of effort and by understanding why are spiders in your garage.


    You can use a variety of pest sprays around the perimeter of your home to deter spiders from coming around. Spiders can be naturally repelled with scents like lemon, cinnamon and lavender. You can make a homemade spray out of essential oils and spray it around your garage to repel spiders. Don’t forget to pay close attention to where the foundation meets the wall areas.


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