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Get Rid of Spiders in Your Basement

Get rid of spiders in basement
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    Some of us dread going down into our basement because of all the creepy crawlies that are lurking down there. When it comes to spiders, you may wonder why spiders are in your basement. They love hiding out in dark corners in the basement, the humidity level is perfect and so is the temperature.

    Do you have a spider problem in your basement and want to know how to get rid of spiders in your basement? Be ready with these helpful tips.

    It can be difficult to find spiders in the basement unless they come out of their hiding spot to say hello. It helps if you know what kind of spiders you’re dealing with.

    The most common types found in basements are crevice spiders, cellar spiders, and comb-footed spiders. Essentially you can have any kind of spider down there though. You want to use extra caution if you spot black widows or brown recluse spiders that are poisonous.

    Taking Care of the Webs

    Spiders use their webs to survive. If you can vacuum up some of the webs, this can help push them back outside. Move object away from the walls. This is a common spot where spiders will build their home.

    Vacuum out along the corners of the floor and underneath where the foundation meets the insulation. Spiders can be persistent, so you may have to come back and clean up multiple times. The hope is that the spiders will eventually get the hint that they’re not welcome and move on.

    Seal Them Out

    You can’t have a spider problem unless they’re able to get inside the house. Go outside and make sure you have an ultra-tight seal around your foundation. You may have to fill various cracks with materials like expanding foam or caulk.

    As a house ages, this is a process that you may have to do every year or two. It’s worth the time if you’ve been wondering how to prevent spiders from living in your basement. You’ll have fewer spiders, but you’ll also be able to keep other bugs and moisture out of your basement.

    Spiders are not a fan of lavender or lemon-like we are. You can use these natural and safe scents to repel them. Make a spray with equal parts of water and vinegar with some lavender or lemon essential oil, and spray the foundation, cracks, and the space between the floor and the wall.

    Be prepared as this process might flush some spiders out into the open. You can use this opportunity to remove them from the basement.

    If you have a spider problem that involves poisonous spiders or the problem is too extensive for you to handle on your own, you can turn to professionals for help.

    Pest management companies provide services such as removal of spiders, application of pesticides, and much more. Don’t be alarmed if you find a couple of non-poisonous spiders here and there.

    It’s normal for the most part. If they become excessive to the point where you can’t go into the basement without seeing a number of them, now is the time to spring into action.

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