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Do Grass Spiders Bite?

Do grass spiders bite
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    Many people think that all spiders can bite. This is not the case, and some common spiders are not even venomous. For people who are afraid of spiders, a lot of what drives that fear is the idea that spiders can harm them. While there are spiders that are poisonous or otherwise harmful to humans, many spiders are not going to hurt you or your family if they take up residence in your yard.

    If you have seen a grass spider in your yard and were wondering if they bite, you are not alone! Many people are afraid of all spiders, regardless of what kind they are. However, you can rest easy when you see a Grass Spider because its fangs are too small to pierce your skin.

    Grass spiders do not usually attempt to bite humans and are prone to scurrying away and hiding to stay safe. They might look like other more dangerous spiders due to their size, but they are harmless.

    What is a Grass Spider?

    Grass spiders are common in North America, and they are most active in the summer. They are part of the Funnel Web Weaver Spider family. Like other spiders in their family, they will commonly weave cave-like webs in the grass to catch their prey.

    They are speedy insects, and they move quickly to catch their prey and bring them into the funnel of their webs. Insects might also wander into the sticky web material and trigger telegraph lines that let the Grass Spider know there is something trapped in their web.

    Grass spiders are often mistaken for Wolf Spiders due to their similar color pattern. They are tan and have two black lines running down their abdomen. The main difference between a Wolf Spider and a Grass Spider in appearance is that the Grass Spider’s dark lines are not as dark as a Wolf Spider. These spiders are also often confused with the hobo spider species.

    Are Grass Spiders Venomous?

    Technically, Grass Spiders are venomous, but they only use their venom to kill and harvest their prey. As stated above, they cannot pierce human skin with their fangs, making them harmless to humans despite their venomous nature.

    Babies and the elderly are the only humans who might be able to get a Grass Spider bite, but this is a very atypical occurrence. Their venom could cause necrotic skin lesions, allergic reactions, and bacterial infections in very rare cases. 

    If you notice that you are having a bad reaction to a grass spider bite, you should immediately get to the hospital.

    Are Grass Spiders Dangerous to Humans?

    While Grass Spiders are not likely to be anything other than a nuisance to you, you might not want their large webs all over your lawn or your property. You can get rid of these unwanted pests by hiring an exterminator.

    If you want to avoid making your home a haven for this type of spider:

    1. Avoid leaving out food or crumbs in your yard.
    2. Do not have pet food sitting out either.
    3. Trim your vegetation back regularly and make sure that your lawn is kept short.

    You should also avoid having a brush pile or compost pile if you want to avoid having lots of Grass Spiders on your property. You can also remove their webs daily if you want to discourage them from taking up residence at your house.

    What Do Grass Spiders Eat?

    Grass Spiders eat insects that might be found in your lawn or a grassy area of your property. This can be grasshoppers, moths, aphids, and even ants. Grass Spiders can be a big help to you and your yard if you want to discourage the presence of small insects.

    Some homeowners allow Grass Spiders to stay in their yard to help control other insects that are not welcome. For many people, so long as the Grass Spider’s large webs are not in the way, there is no reason to discourage their presence. It can be very helpful to have assistance in discouraging other pests without having to use chemicals or insecticides in your yard.

    Grass Spiders Are Harmless and Interesting Insects

    Unlike poisonous spiders, Grass Spiders can be a valuable part of your yard’s overall ecosystem. They are large, but they are almost always harmless, and they can help keep down the population of other insect pests that might damage your yard or annoy you outdoors.

    While some people are scared of Grass Spiders (lawn spiders) due to their size and coloring, there is no reason to fear these gentle insects. You might find that allowing them to stay in your yard makes keeping up with gardening much easier. 

    If your grass spider infestation is completely out of control, you should consider contacting a pest control professional. 

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