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Get Rid of Mud Dauber Wasps

get rid of mud dauber wasps
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    Quite different from a traditional wasp, the mud wasp is a non-aggressive insect that only uses their stinger on other insects such as spiders. They don’t typically threaten humans, and they control other pests, but you probably don’t want them making nests in areas like your garage, patio, porch, or attic. Want to know more about how to get rid of mud wasps? 

     What are Mud Wasps?

     The mud wasp, or mud dauber, is a solitary wasp that will build their nest out of mud. The nest ends up looking like a skinny pipe. They don’t live in colonies, so you don’t want to look for large hives or nests. Mud wasps are typically around one inch in length. They look very thin and flat.

    Black and yellow in color with dark wings makes them somewhat resemble a traditional bee or wasp, but they can also be black and dark blue depending on the variety. 

     Signs of Mud Wasps

     Because of their size, mud wasps are pretty easy to spot. If their nest is nearby, its unique shape and style make it stand out. They’re most commonly found in warm weather climates, so keep an eye out for them in the summer or late spring. They can be found year-round in southern states and places with tropical climates. If you’re outside, you may find them near puddles of water or mud. 

     Natural Remedies for a Mud Wasp Problem

     Since mud wasps like to hang around moist areas of your yard where mud is prevalent for them, see if there are any wet areas of your yard that you can fix up to promote better drainage. Also, Peppermint oil is a natural deterrent for mud wasps, so spray a diluted mixture of 50/50 peppermint oil and water to areas where you’re finding the wasps. If you need to kill a nest or wasp, boiling water will quickly do the trick.

     When to Call a Professional

     If you have a high prevalence of mud wasps on your property or you have an allergy to their venom, think about calling in a professional to help get rid of them and prevent them from coming back. You should be able to remove their nests pretty quickly since there’s only one per nest, but if you have multiple nests and feel the wasps are aggressive, you can have a professional assist you

     In general, it’s recommended that you ignore mud wasps when they’re out and about in your yard. They’re not going to do much to you, and they may get rid of some of those pesky spiders that are leaving messes on your siding. If there seems to be more and more mud wasps taking over your yard, you can move their nests or eradicate them. Just be careful if you’re taking on this cleanup effort yourself. Other wasps can take over a mud wasp’s nest. You could end up getting stung if you don’t realize what you’re dealing with.

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