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Wasp Nest in Gutter

get rid of wasps in gutters
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    Wasps can build their nests in several areas in and around your home. Gutters are a space on your home that can provide a pretty safe and secure home for wasps. Especially if your gutters are a bit clogged with things like leaves and debris, there may not be a constant flow of water passing through that would deter wasps.

    If you see several wasps buzzing around your gutters, you may want to investigate what’s going on up there. Don’t line your ladder right up with the spot where the wasps are going in and out. Set yourself up a little ways away so you can observe their behavior without getting stung or attacked.

    What Attracts Wasps to Gutters?

    Your gutters have water inside of them anytime it rains. Bees, wasps, and hornets often look for damp or moist areas to nest. This is because water allows members of their colonies to hunt other insects. Gutters are also above any humans that might be tempted to disrupt their nest.

     How Do I Get Rid of Wasps in My Gutters?

    Once you know where the wasps have made their nest, you can take the steps necessary to remove the nest. Make sure that you have protective glasses that prevent spray from getting into your eyes.

    You should also wear a mask to protect yourself from inhaling the product. Your skin should be covered to avoid getting stung by aggressive wasps that aren’t happy you’re attacking their nest. Look for a pesticide treatment that is safe to use around humans and pets.

    Dusk is the best time to spray the product directly onto the nest. This is when the wasps have made their way back to the nest for the evening hours. You’ll be able to kill the majority of them at this time. Spray the nest thoroughly.

    You want to spray the product onto as many wasps as possible, but you want them to come into contact with the product as they try to escape. Keep in mind; you may need to repeat the product’s application for three to four days. You can stop once you notice that the activity of the wasps has calmed down.

     Wasp Nest in Covered Gutter

     A covered gutter is a great investment for your home if you want to avoid having to clean out your gutter periodically. However, there can be a lot going on within your gutter that you cannot see.

    Wasps nesting inside will be adequately protected from other pests, and they may be able to stay away from inclement weather and the elements. They’ll likely be left alone by homeowners because most homeowners will assume that there isn’t anything to look at up there. Covered gutters give homeowners a false sense of security many times. 

     How to Keep Wasps Out of Gutters

    It’s vital that you keep the gutters on your home clean. Having proper water flow through your gutters can protect your home from mold growth, wood rot, and much more. However, clean gutters will also deter pests.

    You can avoid wasps making a nest here by keeping everything clear. There won’t be material for them to hide out in, and they won’t feel like building a nest here would be very safe. You’ll also keep birds, squirrels, and other insects away with regular cleaning.

    If you have covered gutters, do a routine inspection periodically to see if any debris has made its way inside the gutter. You should also look for any signs of wasps making a nest. Check your gutter covers for damage that could allow wasps to enter. 


     If you discover that there are wasps inside of your gutters, there are a few ways that you can remove them on your own. It’s essential to assess the severity of the wasp problem before you take it on by yourself.

    If you feel there are too many wasps to handle on your own, call in a professional to help remove them. Once they are gone, you can take the necessary steps to prevent wasps from making a nest in the future. Keep your gutters clean, keep your property clean, and watch for excessive wasp activity. 

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