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Get Rid of Ticks in Your House

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    Ticks are a very real concern when the warm weather hits all parts of the country. They can latch onto you or your pets while you’re outside in the garden, yard, or out for a hike.

    Ticks are dangerous because they can carry a number of diseases. Lyme disease is one health issue that can come from a tick biting onto you. If you’re finding ticks in your home, you’ll want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

    Why are Ticks in Your House?

    Ticks can live and thrive just about anywhere. They’re commonly found out in wooded areas, but you can have ticks invade your home as well. Maybe they came into the home on your dog, or they may have been on you. You may even find a tick that has lodged its head into your body.

    Make sure that you dispose of the tick properly. If it’s on your body, you need to carefully and properly remove the tick so you remove the head as well. Leaving the head behind can increase the chances of developing an issue like Lyme disease.

    Get Rid of Ticks in Your House

    Ticks can hide pretty well in your home if there’s a lot of clutter everywhere. You’re more likely to prevent ticks in the home by keeping everything clean. Make sure you don’t leave behind dirty laundry, garbage, food, or other random items.

    Having things put away in cupboards and cabinets is ideal. Vacuum regularly and wipe down floors. Don’t forget to clean in those hard-to-reach corners and cracks.

    Wash Items in Hot Water

    Ticks are commonly found attached to your clothing or bedding. Wash these items frequently, and be sure to use hot water and detergent. Try to wash your dirty items immediately. If you leave dirty clothes in your hamper for a number of days, you could be allowing the ticks to multiply.

    Keep Vacuuming

    vacuuming and ticks

    Your vacuum will become your best friend when you realize that you have a tick problem. You’ll want to vacuum daily in order to remove new ticks and eggs. Use attachments to vacuum your pet’s bedding, in the cracks of your couches and underneath furniture. Empty the vacuum bag or canister in between each use.

    Use a Product to Kill the Ticks

    A clean home should also be treated with a product designed to prevent and kill ticks. A borax-based pesticide will be very effective when it comes to killing ticks and their eggs.

    A pesticide that contains pyrethrin will be effective against the variety of ticks that generally target dogs and other pets. It’s fast-acting so you can start getting a handle on the situation right away.

    Don’t forget to treat your pets each month. The majority of the flea treatment products on the market also target ticks and their eggs. You can check with your pet’s veterinarian to find out what the best product would be for your pet.

    When it comes to your home, try a variety of different methods to try and remove the ticks you have lurking around.






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