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Get Rid of Snakes Under House or Porch 

Get Rid of Snakes Under House or Porch 
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    The thought of having snakes around your house might make your skin crawl. Some snakes are useful and can help rid you of garden pests, but that does not necessarily mean we want them close to our homes. If you have snakes under your house or your porch, you might be wondering how to make it a less attractive hideaway.

    How Do You Know If You Have Snakes Under Your House?

     Snakes do a good job of staying out of our way and remaining out of sight. One sign that you have a snake is that you might find dried, discarded snakeskin lying around. 

    As the snake grows, it sheds its outer layer of skin, and you might find these around your home or yard.

     Another sign that you have snakes under your house or porch is that you suddenly have no rodents. If you used to have a problem with mice, moles, small rabbits, or other animals, and they suddenly disappeared, you might be dealing with a snake.

    What Attracts Snakes to Under Your House?

     The area underneath your house or porch is a nice, shady den for snakes. This spot is usually moist, cool, and protected from the hot sun. It is safe from predators like owls or hawks. Also, they can find prey, such as mice, snails, slugs, insects, and other creatures that might be their preferred diet.

    snakes under porch

     The area under your house or porch gives them everything they need to survive. Depending on the availability of food sources, they might also find it an excellent place to raise a family. Most snakes that live under your porch or house are harmless, but there are exceptions. Also, if snakes build nests and begin reproducing, you can soon find snakes inside your house. 

    How to Naturally Repel Snakes

     Some natural repellents include: 

    • Clove
    • Cinnamon oil
    • Peppermint oil
    • Vinegar
    • Garlic
    • Onions
    • Ammonia
    • Lime
    • Cayenne pepper

     Placing these odors around your home or porch might make them go away, but it is more than likely that the snake will move somewhere else nearby until the smell dissipates.

     The problem with these methods is that you will have to replace them every time it rains, and they lose their potency after a couple of weeks.

    How Do You Get Rid of Snakes Under Your House?

     If you already have snakes under your house, you can try trapping them with special snake traps. When using this method, make sure that you transport the snake far enough away from your house that it will not be likely to return. The best way to get rid of snakes is to eliminate what attracts them in the first place.

    How to Keep Snakes Away from Under Your House or Porch

     The most important way to keep snakes away from your house or porch is to make it a less hospitable environment. If you have a lot of plants or bushes around your porch or house, trimming them short can make them less attractive as a hiding spot. Also, if you have a large dog or cat, the scent will probably keep them away. 

    You should also remove any bird feeders, pet food, or other sources of food and water. This is especially important at night when they are likely to come out to feed.

     You can also purchase snake fences to put around the perimeter of buildings or your porch. These mesh fences have small openings that make it difficult for even smaller snakes to crawl through. It is also important to take measures to get rid of any mice or rodents that might attract snakes.

     Snakes love to hide out under woodpiles, debris, and any unwanted or discarded items that you might have hanging around. Keeping your property clean, and trimming your grass, is another way to discourage them from making your home their home. Mothballs are said to deter snakes, but this has not been proven, and it is considered a myth.

     The best way to eliminate snakes from your property is to make it an inhospitable environment, or at least one that is not as attractive to them as other areas. Once you have eliminated their habitat and removed the ones already there, you will need to do a regular inspection to make sure they do not return.



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