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DIY Termite Treatment Tips

DIY termite control
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    Termites lives in large colonies and they feed on cellulose that they find in wood and plants. You’ll hear about destruction from a termite infestation because so many in a colony can quickly cause damage to a large degree. Because of this, you’ll want to get them far away from your home when you spot them.

    Do you know why do you have termites? Let’s talk a bit more so you understand what you’re dealing with.

    Can Termites be Treated on Your Own?

    The location of the termites really determines if you can treat them yourself. If you’ve found a single piece of furniture with termites in it that can be moved, place it in direct sunlight. The sunlight will repel and kill the termites in about three to five days.

    You can also use a wet cardboard termite trap. You simply wet down a cardboard box, and place the box near where the termites are located.

    Cardboard contains the cellulose that termites feed on, so they’ll be attracted to the trap. Once there is a large amount of termites on and inside the box, take it outside to burn it.

    Orange oil can be used as a natural repellent and pesticide. It’s safe for your home and furniture. Place a few drops of orange oil on a rag.

    Wipe it on the furniture or areas of the home where the termites are located. You’ll see immediate activity from them, so be ready to catch some with a wet / dry vac filled with soapy water.

    Powder Treatments

    If you’re looking to place a powdered substance down around your home to deal with termites, you can turn to borax or diatomaceous earth. Both are generally safe for humans and pets, but you don’t want to come into direct contact with either of them.

    They can cause some respiratory effects that could be harmful. Spread either of these powders in areas where you have found termites. You’ll want to repeat the process every other day. When the termites come into contact with the borax or diatomaceous earth, it can cause their nervous systems to shut down.

    When to Hire a Professional

    Because termites can quickly cause catastrophic damage, it’s a good idea to try some DIY termite solutions on your own, but be ready to call in the pros quickly. If you have found damage from termites but don’t see any around, they may have moved on.

    Some simple methods of keeping them away for good can help. If you’ve found a small colony, you may be able to take care of this situation quickly. If the termite problem appears to be out of control, call in the professionals before these pests destroy the structure of your home.

    Termites aren’t a pest that you should have patience for. Unlike other insects that don’t cause extensive damage, termites can destroy an entire home. You can take a little bit of time to attempt to get rid of them on your own, but don’t let the issue get out of control. Have a professional on standby to help if need be.





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