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Can Bed Bugs Live in Metal Bed Frames

can bed bugs live in a metal bed frame
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    Finding signs of bed bugs can make anybody panic. Just hearing that bed bugs might be present in an area where you are currently present can be a risk. Bed bugs are a very tough critter to get rid of, so it’s important to try and prevent an infestation in the first place.

    Bed bugs often hang out in the bedroom because a bed is a very warm and comfortable place to reside. This is also where you’ll be situated at night; providing them with an easy meal. Do you have signs of bed bugs in a bed frame in your home? Let’s talk a bit about what bed bugs prefer.

    Can Bed Bugs Live in Metal Bed Frames/Furniture?

    If you’re shopping for new bedroom furniture or bedding, you might be thinking about the different materials that attract bed bugs. If you’re attempting to keep bed bugs at bay, you should shop for the best bed frames for repelling bed bugs.

    Bed bugs are resilient, but metal bed frames tend to be a lot less appealing than a wood variety. Because they like to be warm, they’ll stay away from metal.

    Metal will usually feel a lot cooler to the touch, even if you keep your house warm throughout the year. You could have a bed bug trying to get up to your bedding, and the bed bug will stop in its tracks when it hits the metal bed frame.

    About Wooden Bed Frames

    Wood bed frames are a natural material that bed bugs prefer over metal. Because wood can absorb moisture and react to heat, a wood bed frame will often contract and expand as the seasons change. This provides a lot of gaps and cracks that bed bugs can hide out in.

    Wood is also a lot warmer than metal. If you’re trying to find a bed frame that will last for many more years to come, metal is beneficial and more affordable.

    Deterring Bed Bugs in Your Bed and On Your Bed Frame

    Keep in mind, there’s no guarantee that
    bed bugs aren’t going to infest your bed if you have a metal frame. It’s simply an option that is less inviting than wood. You can purchase certain types of bedding that will help deter bed bugs.

    There are special zippered mattress and box spring protectors that will prevent bugs from getting inside. They are breathable and waterproof, so they’re a great investment for your bedroom.

    There are natural products that you can use on your bed frame to help deter bed bugs even further. Just be sure that you spot test these sprays and products before you spray down the whole frame. Depending on the type of bed frame that you have, you could put a product on it that would cause rust.

    If you have a painted bed frame, it should be safe to use essential oils on it. Two of the most commonly used oils to repel bed bugs are lavender and tea tree oil. You’ll need to reapply frequently in order to get the best results.

    Peace of Mind

    A lot of people have never had an issue with bed bugs in their lifetime, but the stress of them even be a risk factor at one point or another can bring about a lot of anxiety for people. If you’re someone that cringes at the thought of these pests, purchasing bed items that are known to repel bed bugs is worth the investment.

    You’re not guaranteed to not bring them into your home, but making a less favorable living condition for them can kill off their colony before you even know that they are there.

    Now that we know a bit more about bed bugs and what type of bed frame and location they like to reside in, there are some things you can do to prevent bed bugs from coming into your home.

    If you do bring one in, staying diligent with keeping your bedroom and home clean can often be enough to remove them before they reproduce. You can also use safe products and methods for preventing bed bugs before you even see one for the first time.

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