7 Signs It's Time to Call an Exterminator

1. You're Not Sure How to Deal With Pests on Your Own

Common household pests like roaches, wasps, ants, and rodents can be very complicated to deal with, especially if you have a pest phobia. 

Sprays and traps can effectively kill pests in one area, but they rarely address the entire infestation. This is where exterminators and pest control professionals can step in and completely end your pest problem. 

2. Finding Suspected Droppings

If bugs gross you out, their droppings can significantly increase their ick factor. You should never see black or brown pieces of poop in most pantries and cabinets. However, you might find it hard to know if you are looking at pest feces.

Cockroach droppings can sometimes be small enough to mimic the appearance of black pepper or coffee. Asking for an exterminator to make the final judgment is easier and more accurate.


3. Fear of Getting Bitten or Stung

If you have bugs on your property that are known to bite, sting, or spread diseases to humans, you need to be careful. If you do not address these bugs properly, you could risk yourself and your family. Pest control professionals have a lot of experience dealing with stinging insects and can get rid of them quickly.

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4. Smelling an Odd Odor

Pests excrete urine, droppings, and other bodily fluids with unique pheromones that you might smell when you walk into a room.

Catching an ammonia scent as you climb into an attic or noticing that the cabinet beneath a sink smells oddly musty are two signs you need to investigate to find out why. Keep in mind that pest odors might not always be completely off-putting. Bed bug odors have even been described as smelling sweet or herbal, but they're still not normal.

5. Experiencing Bites and Rashes

You might expect to return with a few bug bites after spending the day at the lake, but this shouldn't happen at home. Bed bug bites tend to appear in patterns of three to five in a zig-zag line, and you might notice them when you wake up in the morning.

Other insects might be less obvious. Flea and mosquito bites can appear randomly on your body, although fleas tend to go for the lower parts of your legs the most. Spider bites can also be hard to identify unless you see the actual one that bit you.

Whether you've got an outdoor pest problem such as fleas or bed bugs, an exterminator can help prevent future itchy bites and welts.

6. Hearing Nocturnal Rumblings

A pest infestation can sometimes make it feel like you live in a haunted house. If you keep hearing bumps in the night, then you're far more likely to have a rodent problem than a ghost.

Mice and rats may use the inside of your home's walls as a hidden passage to the different parts of your house. You can also sometimes hear the scratching of termites or carpenter ants at night when the house is very quiet.

Calling an exterminator is typically less expensive than bursting your way through a wall, which will still leave you having to call for pest services once you find out you have a problem.


7. Wondering Why Your Pet Is Acting Strange

Dogs and cats have extremely acute senses, meaning they may detect a problem long before you do. Is your cat constantly stalking something under your couch? Or, does your dog seem to avoid a certain part of your backyard?

On top of scratching for fleas and ticks, your pet might send you other non-verbal clues that something is lurking under your radar. When the exterminator arrives, don't feel weird about telling them what your pet is doing. 

Finally, remember that some pest problems contribute to new ones springing up. Seeing a sudden spider population boom in your backyard might mean that flies and other insects also exist there.


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