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Smells That Keep Mice Away

smells that keep mice away
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    While they don’t get a lot of credit, mice are actually very smart mammals. They have the ability to use their sense of smell to find food in all sorts of places. Because of how persistent and sneaky they are, it can be very difficult to get rid of mice once they’ve made a home in your house or garage. While mice are attracted to the smell of food, there are some smells that they absolutely cannot stand. Do you know about smells that keep mice away? Read on to find out more.

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    Ammonia emits a very strong scent into the air. It’s often used as a cleaning agent, so it will help keep mice from coming into your home. It’s important that you use extreme caution when working with ammonia. It can cause some pretty serious inflammation in your nose and throat if you inhale it directly.

    You’re typically supposed to dilute it with water before you start cleaning up. If you’re wondering what attracts mice, it’s definitely not a strong cleaning solution.


    Mothballs can be harmful to mice if they inhale it for too long. They’ll likely head away from your home before they become ill, which really is the main goal. If you’re not aware of what mothballs are, they are small balls of fabric that have been soaked in Naphthalene.

    When inhaled, Naphthalene will cause dizziness, nausea, liver damage and kidney problems. It can also break down the sensitive tissue inside of the nasal canal of mice.

    Be careful how many mothballs you’re using and where you’re putting them. They are dangerous to children and pets, so be sure to keep them out of reach.

    Chili Powder

    Chili powder is very irritating when it is inhaled and this can deter mice. This is a very safe repellent for humans since it’s something that we often eat. It may not be practical to start dusting chili powder all over your home, but you can try making your own mice repellent spray using chili oil.

    Spraying it around baseboards may keep them from entering the living spaces of your home.

    Peppermint Oil

    Peppermint oil is a very effective repellent for a number of bugs and pests. Perfectly safe for humans, peppermint oil can be used in high doses to repel mice from your home. The smell tends to dissipate pretty quickly, so you may want to reapply the peppermint oil each day for the best results.

    Having mice in your home can be dangerous. They have the ability to carry disease and spread it on various surfaces in your home. This can include kitchen countertops, flooring, tables and even bedding. Mice can also cause some pretty severe damage inside of your walls.

    You could be left with a dangerous situation if they decide to chew through the wiring that is throughout your home. If you suspect that you have a mice problem that is quickly getting out of control, it’s a good idea to contact a professional that can help.

    Using your own remedies are useful to a certain extent.



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