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Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Hair

get rid of bed bugs in hair
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    You wake up in the morning with what seems to be a few bites on your body. Then you notice you are experiencing a persistent itch on your scalp. After feeling in your hair, you think you may have some sort of bug bites. If you investigate further and find bed bugs in your bedroom, you may have bed bugs in your hair.

    But, how did bed bugs get in your hair? Bed bugs are extremely stubborn bugs that are hard to get rid of. They’ll make a home anywhere that seems safe to them, or they may have just made a wrong turn and ended up in your hair. Let’s talk about how you can get rid of bed bugs in hair.

    Choosing a Safe Option

    Bed bugs in your hair is a situation that’s very similar to head lice. The thick covering of hair on your scalp is the perfect place for these annoying creatures to get lost. Once you’ve determined that there are bed bugs in your hair, you’ll want to choose a safe option for removal.

    There are some homemade washing recipes that don’t use harmful chemicals in them. If you opt for something off the internet or something that was prescribed by a doctor, you could be applying some pretty dangerous substances to your absorbent scalp.


    Combing your hair with a very fine toothed comb can help remove some of the bed bugs. You’ll need to do this repeatedly in order to get rid of all the live bed bugs, the babies and their eggs. If you can get someone to help you, this will make the process go a little quicker.


    Adding some alcohol to your daily shampoo can remove bed bugs after a few uses. Lather up a few times, rinse thoroughly and come back to repeat the process a few hours later. The more you wash, the more bed bugs and eggs that you’ll be removing.

    Consider a Trim

    If you’re a male, cutting your hair nice and short can help deter the bed bugs from sticking around. This applies to a beard as well. Women would benefit from cutting their hair a little shorter. This makes it easier to get through the combing process, and washing will be more effective.

    Cedar Oil

    A natural and essential oil that is very safe to use on the body, you can mix cedar oil into your shampoo when you wash your hair. It can even be applied directly to a man’s beard to kill off the bed bugs and eggs that have set up shop there. Do a skin test before using it all over your scalp. You don’t want to have a reaction.

    It’s nerve-wracking to find out that you have bed bugs in your hair. Before you head to the bathroom to shave all your hair off, stop and take a deep breath. There are ways that you can effectively get rid of bed bugs in your hair without having to take too drastic of measures.





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