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earwig repllent
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    Earwigs are also known as pincher bugs, and they can be a real problem when you have them in your home or yard. For the most part, earwigs are harmless. They have been known to munch on plants, resulting in your garden looking pretty bare. You’ll typically find them inside your home if you have a high level of humidity in the air.

    They commonly are found in the dark and damp corners of the basement. You can use a variety of bug killers and natural products to repel them and eradicate them. Do you have an earwig problem? If so, what earwig repellent are you going to use?

    Dish Soap Mixture

    Warm water mixed with a little bit of dish soap can be sprayed in different areas where earwigs may be hiding out. This is a safe concoction to use on plants in your garden or home. You can also spray it in the corners of your basement or living area. If you spot an earwig or two, get going with your homemade dish soap spray to keep others at bay.

    Alcohol Spray

    Equal parts rubbing alcohol and water can be mixed together in a spray bottle. If you see an earwig you can spray this mixture on it as a natural insecticide. The alcohol has the ability to get through the waxy and thick coat on an earwig, and it dies almost immediately on contact.

    This might not be a product you want to spray all over the place, but it’s nice to use if you don’t want to be picking earwigs up with a paper towel.

    Borax Method

    Earwigs are pretty good at hiding in small corners so you don’t even know that they’re in your home. Sprinkling borax into the corners of your basement can kill earwigs on contact while repelling others from entering your home.

    If you don’t have to worry about pets or children coming into contact with the borax, you can also use it around baseboards. Borax is really affordable, so you can use this liberally to get an earwig problem under control.

    Lighted Traps

    Earwigs are a lot like fleas and other bugs. They are attracted to light. Once your house is dark for the night, fill a bucket or dish with four parts of water to one part dish soap. Stir it up until it’s pretty bubbly.

    Place it in a centralized location in your home with a lamp or light pointed on the spot. Earwigs will seek out the light and end up drowning in the soapy mixture.

    An earwig repellent doesn’t have to be a strong chemical product that is dangerous to your health and safety. You can use a number of natural remedies to keep your pest problem under control.

    You can also use the services of a pest professional in your area if none of your ideas seem to be working.

    These earwigs can leave some pretty irritated bumps behind. You’ll want to get them out of your home or garden before they cause some pretty substantial damage.






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