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Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs

Diatomaceous earth for bed bugs
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    Bed bugs have a very fast life cycle, which is why a problem with bed bugs can get out of hand pretty quickly. They tend to burrow deep within an area like a mattress, and they’re very small so you’ll have trouble spotting them right away.

    They come out when it’s dark to feed on their host, which is probably you. If you are sensitive to dangerous chemical pesticides, do you know other safe ways to get rid of bed bugs?

    What to Look Out For

    If you’re waking up with bug bites in the morning and you’re trying to figure out if bed bugs are the culprit, take a look for little bugs within your mattress or underneath the mattress. They are approximately the size of an apple seed, and bed bugs are quicker than you think.

    They can scurry away pretty quickly when you begin to uncover them. Look for little black specks on your mattress, your bedding or your pillow.

    What is Diatomaceous Earth?

    A food grade diatomaceous earth product is completely natural and non-toxic. It can be used to quickly kill off bed bugs that are invading your home. If you have pets or kids in your house, this is a great method to use for a bed bug infestation.

    Because the physical make up of diatomaceous earth is very abrasive, it will destroy the exoskeletal system of the bed bugs when they walk through it or have it sprinkled on them. It also has a dehydrating effect.

    How to use Diatomaceous Earth

    You’ll want to purchase a diatomaceous earth product that is natural without the use of any other pesticide products. Once you’ve figured out where the bed bugs are hiding, you should apply the powder to that area. If you have found them in your mattress, you can also sprinkle the powder under the bed and near the baseboards by your bed.

    Leave the powder in that location for a number of hours. This will provide plenty of time to kill the live bed bugs that are in the area, but you want to affect any bugs that come out of hiding during this time as well. The longer you leave it there, the more bed bugs you’re going to kill during the first application.

    Make sure that you have selected a food grade Diatomaceous earth for bed bugs for your self administered, at-home treatment of bed bugs. It’s imperative that you wear protective clothing when applying the powder. This includes a mask that filters out very small particles. The dust from the diatomaceous earth can be very irritating to the lungs if you inhale it.

    It’s a good idea to use Diatomaceous earth for bed bugs very carefully. Even though it is natural, it could still be harmful if ingested. Make sure you completely clean up the powder after you’ve used it in your home.

    If you find bed bugs that you missed during the first application, you can reapply the product a few times to make sure that you’ve taken care of all your unwanted house guests.

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