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Can You Smoke Out Wasps?

Can you smoke out wasps
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    There are certain species of very dangerous wasps. Many can repeatedly sting thanks to a stinger with no barbs, which can lead to an allergic reaction or a lot of pain. They tend to be very aggressive if they have to defend their colony or nest, so it’s wise to keep an eye out for them.

    Smoke is often used for calming down aggressive bees but can smoke be used to get rid of aggressive wasps? 

     Can You Kill Wasps With Smoke?

    Beekeepers have a tool that allows them to use smoke to subdue the bees when they need to gain access to the hive. You can use this tool to combat a wasp problem, but in a different way than you would target bees. 

    When smoke is introduced into a wasp nest, the smoke will suffocate the wasps that are inside. You may also see that many of the wasps will try to exit the nest as quickly as possible. They may survive, but they usually won’t make it back to the nest. 

     Can You Smoke Wasps Out of a Chimney?

    If you have noticed a wasp problem inside your chimney, you can start a fire to keep the wasps from coming inside your home. It’s like that many of them will be flushed out of the chimney while the fire is going.

    However, it’s a good idea to have the nest physically removed to prevent any wasps from returning to maintain their colony. A professional can help you check your chimney area and remove any nest debris.

     Are Wasps Attracted to Smoke?

     Wasps are generally very interested in strong smells. This is how they come across food for their larvae and food for themselves. They’ll come around your picnic if you have food outdoors, and you may even see them flying around your garbage can in the hot sun. But are wasps attracted to smoke?

    Cigarette smoke is a smell that wasps aren’t fond of. Smoke from a bonfire or pile of burning leaves may attract them. While they don’t like it if you’re suffocating their nest with smoke, they may come out in swarms for something large scale like a forest fire.

    Wasps and other similar insects can tell when other insects are going to be coming out in droves. This will provide them with an easy meal opportunity.

    You’ll generally find wasps just outside the very smoky area, but they understand the importance of the situation. Depending on what’s burning, the result could be a damaged tree or debris that would provide the perfect location for a new nest. 

     What Smells Do Wasps Hate?

     If you’re trying to repel wasps naturally, there are some smells that wasps hate. These scents are safe for humans and pets to be around, so they’re a great way to keep your home and property wasp free. 


     Different varieties of mint like peppermint and spearmint are beneficial when it comes to repelling wasps. Mint is a powerful smell, and wasps don’t like this pungent odor. These are very affordable and attractive plants that you can add to your landscaping. Not to mention, they’re relatively easy to take care of. 


     A natural alternative to chemical-based pesticides and repellents, wormwood can be used to keep wasps away whether it is dry or live. Wormwood should be grown in well-drained soil that is away from other plants. It can prevent the healthy growth of different flowers and plants.


     Lemongrass is effective when trying to repel mosquitoes and wasps. It has a powerful smell, and you can even use lemongrass for its variety of health benefits. It grows quickly, and you can use lemongrass as an excellent filler for the rest of your landscaping. 


     You’re probably familiar with citronella being used in several pest sprays and repellents. Rather than buying a product that contains citronella, you can plant some in your yard. It can even be grown indoors if you want to ensure that wasps stay out of your home.


     Add some thyme to your herb garden to keep wasps away. It’s easy to grow, and you can even keep some thyme in a pot on your windowsill for additional pest protection. 


     Wasps can affect how much you can enjoy your property and yard. If there is a nest near your patio, garage, entryway, balcony, or porch, you may choose to avoid that area. Don’t let wasps take over your home. Figure out what can be done to remove and deter the wasps, and regain control over your home.

    Contact a professional extermination company if you have a large colony of wasps that are acting very aggressively. This will help keep you and others in the area safe while the problem is taken care of.

    If you’re allergic to the sting of a wasp, this is even more reason to let a professional take over for you

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