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Can Pets Carry Bed Bugs

do pets carry bed bugs
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    If you’re a pet owner, then you’re probably well aware that your furry family member can carry bugs like ticks and fleas. Most pet owners will use flea and tick prevention products to keep these pests at bay.

    Have you ever wondered can pets carry bed bugs? Unfortunately, the answer might not be what you would hope to hear. Your family pet can bring in a bed bug, and bed bugs can feed off them as well.

    Pets as Food Sources

    Your pet isn’t the most preferred food source for a bed bug. However, bed bugs can get pretty hungry. This will result in them finding a place to eat, even if it’s not their typical location. Bed bugs can get lost in fur, so they prefer skin. But don’t count animals out as a food source. Luckily, they won’t cause extensive health issues like fleas can.

    When a flea infests your pet, they can actually cause the pet to become very anemic. You might see your pet scratching, and this means they’re probably hosting a dinner party at that very moment. Bed bugs will usually feed and move on. They’re unlikely to rapidly reproduce within your pet’s fur. The living conditions just aren’t what they want.

    How to Get Bed Bugs Off Your Pets

    Unlike fleas, bed bugs are a little easier to kill and get rid off. They aren’t as hard bodied as a flea, and they don’t lay eggs all over your pet. Usually, a little bit of cleaning will do the trick. Take your pet outside so the bed bugs won’t end up being transferred to another area of your home.

    You’ll want to trim their fur down as short as you can. This will provide you with adequate access to their skin, but it will also help clear out any bed bugs that are living within the fur. You can also brush your pet’s fur very well. Pay close attention to all the little crevices near your pet’s ears, legs and neck.

    There are anti-parasite shampoos that you can use on your pet to wash away whatever bed bugs remain. These shampoos should also get rid of the eggs that may be on your pet. You may want to repeat the process before rinsing and drying your pet. Follow the directions very carefully. Depending on what products you’re using, you may be required to avoid getting any of the product in the eyes or ears of your furry friend.

    Prevent Bed Bugs from Getting On Your Pets

    grooming a pet

    A great way to keep pests off your pet is to keep their fur groomed often. This reduces the hiding places that provide bed bugs with a location to feed and live. You should also routinely bathe your pet. This will get rid of anything that they picked up while outside playing or out for a walk. You can use regular pet shampoo, and think about occasionally using a stronger product for pest prevention and removal.

    If you suspect that your pet has bed bugs on them because of an infestation in your home, you’ll need to frequently clean the area where you think they’re living. Wash your bedding regularly with hot water and soap.

    You should also vacuum underneath your bed, in the cracks and crevices by the baseboards and vacuum the mattress and box spring. Because bed bugs can lay eggs and reproduce at a regular rate, it’s important that you keep up with the disruption of their life cycle. That’s the best way to get rid of them. There are some natural products that you can use to prevent and kill bed bugs in your home as well.





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